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Leah Martensen Partners with ONEVERSE/The Seed Company

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"As a Christian Artist, I've had the opportunity to travel to other countries. But nothing has grabbed my heart like Africa! To this day I think back on that trip with fond memories wrapped with painful ones as well. I see people lost, hurting and hopeless.


There is nothing greater than God's Word. I'm so excited that I can still reach people that are close to my heart through OneVerse. It brings such a joy to me knowing that these people who are filled with hopelessness can now be reached as they work on translating their own Bibles. Isn't that the way Jesus would have probably done it? Let them show us how to translate their own Bible … and we'll show them the way to all their answers. What a great opportunity for me to reach more people than I ever imagined!" - Christian Recording Artist/Songwriter/Speaker — Leah Martensen


Visit our website:


About the Lughulu people: The Lughulu people live on ancestral land in and around the inland city of Morogoro. The majority of Lughulu speakers — including the Christians — still live in fear of spirits rather than experiencing the redemption and freedom they could know in Christ. The Scriptures in their mother tongue will offer believers tools for deliverance from the bondage of fear. It will also support personal spiritual growth and provide a solid foundation from which to reach out to others.


Join us in providing Scripture for the Lughulu people today!

Leah Martensen Partners with

Summer Tour and SO much more!

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Hey Everyone,

Check out the new video slide I made! It's pieces of tours from the summer and on. I was out for a month touring through the west coast starting in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Then I headed through North Dakota and landed in Montana for a few days. From there I headed through Washington down to Oregon where I made a few more stops and landed in Idaho.

Made my way to Nevada, Yerington Nevada where I met some GREAT Nevada hospitality and moved on day to Arizona for a women's retreat. Took a small break then, made my way back to the midwest via New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma then made a stop in Missouri. Traveled back up to Iowa and drove home via Illinois, Indiana and locked my door saying I was never leaving home again. LOL!

I had a great time traveling through this wonderful country meeting lots of God's people. I'm still wrapping my brain around it and it's almost November now.

I think the video tells the story of just how God is everywhere! How we have Good Days with simple life. How he's all around us reminding us he's there. But, we have to stop and take a breath, look around, and take notice. If you haven't seen God around you lately, it's time you get that straighten around because it's not a lack of him trying, it's a lack of you not looking.

Good Day to you all!


10th Annual KCCM Awards!

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Well, you never really know what is around the corner! I just received a certificate from the King Cat Music that reads:

This certificate honors

Leah Martensen

As a nominee for the category of best in


I'm pretty excited about that sweet little 2010 bonus! Thanks KCCM for the nomination! I'm sure the awards banquet will be a fun time for all those that get to make it this year!

And The WINNER IS?????????

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Thank you Facebook friends for playing along! It was fun! I love to do giveaway so keep coming back to the Leah Martensen Facebook page and see what will be coming up in the future.

But for now...we have a winner at that is...

LARRY B as he likes to call himself!

Congrats Larry! Email me on FACEBOOK or here and I'll get that CD of mine out to you.

Thanks everyone!



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Happy Wednesday!

I thought I would start this middle of the week off with a contest/giveaway. If you are on my fan page or personal page on FACEBOOK and read about the contest that has brought you right here! All you have to do is register on the side bar and your name will go into the drawing that will take place on Monday April 5th. By entering the drawing you will be signing up to post here and added to my newsletter.

Have fun! Hope you like the site!



Oh, PS! Stop by this post and say HI!

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Sleet...

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Wouldn't you know it! Snow! Yes, this year I decided to book several January concerts while I was home here in Ohio. I knew that January could be hit or miss weather wise, but we can't let snow get in the way of anything around here. So, first night out and BAM! Snow! I think it snowed all day. Not a big flake kind of snow but a small you almost can't see it kind.


I kept looking out my window going, really? Snow? First concert of the year and you're already challenging me to see if I'm going to let snow get in the way of what God called me to do? Well, that's not even a consideration so have fun making my little world look beautiful with this nice white snow.


Last night was a wonderful time of sharing. First time in a long time that I was able to go back out with hubby by my side and have him running the sound for me. I miss those times! We don't get to do that much but this year we're working on getting back out there together more. That's why I love going out around the area because those are the times he can be with me. Last night he was able to do the driving to the event and help with lots of stuff I needed help with so that snow was not a challenge for me. God had it covered! I love that!


You know God always has it covered! Sometimes, we just don't stop long enough to see that whatever we are going through he's got us covered. We're to busy not listening, trying to fix it or just not paying attention to him to see that God is trying to help us.


So, today look for him! When you run across that small problem you think you can solve all by yourself, or you have that huge huddle to take care of today. Look for him! You don't have to fix anything by yourself, you don't always have to have the answer. You just need to stop, pray and wait to see where GOD is going to lead you. Let him take care of you! He's pretty good at it, has lots of experience with it and always has the perfect answer to whatever it is we're going through. He is the one person you can depend on for the rest of your life who will always come through for you.




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Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a great time with family and friends for Thanksgiving! I hope you also used that time to reflect on all the things God has done in your lives. I think we can all get so busy that we forget to list all the great things that have been done for us over the years. It's easy to remember bad stuff but we tend to smooth right over the good.  God's not just our answer man! He's the King of Kings, our father, the Lord of Lords. He wants to hear from us through the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly. So, make sure you check in with him daily! He's waiting to hear from you!

Christmas is almost here! I just can't believe it! Time goes by so fast and before you know it another year has gone by. I don't know if you feel this but for me I feel like there has been a huge step this year to wiping out all we believe. I feel like Christians have been mocked more than ever, values have been degrading faster and the time is coming where we are really seeing the degeneration of Christianity. Sadly, I'm not sure we'll have what it takes to stand up for ourselves.

Christmas is one of those times where the whole meaning is sliding away. I think we're partly to blame because we let stuff happen. I'm making a effect this year to make sure I don't forget what Christmas is all about.  I'm keeping Christ in Christmas. I'm not making it a fanatical thing, just not letting people around me change what I believe and not keeping quiet when I should step to the plate and stand up for what I believe.

There's nothing wrong with Season's greetings, or Happy Holidays! It's ok for those that don't have Christ! But, I do and this season is for Christ and what I believe so I'm hanging on to Merry Christmas! Because I'm thinking it's not going to be long and that word isn't even going to be around. So, I'm going to do my part in keeping it out there as long as I can. If you would like to join me, I'd love to have company!

For those of you in recovery, I know December can be a huge hard month for you. Please know that I'm praying for all of you through the month. I'm praying that God's love, strength and power is all over you and that more than ever you see him in a big way over Christmas/New Years.  I know that for most of you he has surrounded you with GREAT groups and friends that might take place of family that isn't around. For others you have GREAT relationships with family now and a GREAT home church that supports you. What a blessing for all of you to be where God wants you to be, growing in him.

Many blessings to you all this Christmas! May the peace of the Lord be with you!


Here We Go!

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Yep, I added a blog! I'm going to try and keep it up while on tour so people can read what's going on. Also, you can pray for the events that are coming up. I'd love to see prayer warrior's at work!



Right now I'm in Maryland finishing up the fall tour. I'm here for a week still. Had an amazing time at Ephrata Nazarene and their Celebrate Recovery on Friday. What a great ministry that is going on there.



Tonight I'm at Bay City Area Community church and will be singing/sharing at their Celebrate Recovery group. I'm just amazed at the people that have taken the steps to move forward with their lives and allow God to step in and mold them. There are some really awesome stories of change. I wish you call could hear them.



Well, hope you stop back soon! Love to hear from you! It will keep me motivated to keep blogging from the road.


Blessings to you all!