Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Sleet...

Posted by Webmaster on January 12, 2010 at 6:00 AM


Wouldn't you know it! Snow! Yes, this year I decided to book several January concerts while I was home here in Ohio. I knew that January could be hit or miss weather wise, but we can't let snow get in the way of anything around here. So, first night out and BAM! Snow! I think it snowed all day. Not a big flake kind of snow but a small you almost can't see it kind.


I kept looking out my window going, really? Snow? First concert of the year and you're already challenging me to see if I'm going to let snow get in the way of what God called me to do? Well, that's not even a consideration so have fun making my little world look beautiful with this nice white snow.


Last night was a wonderful time of sharing. First time in a long time that I was able to go back out with hubby by my side and have him running the sound for me. I miss those times! We don't get to do that much but this year we're working on getting back out there together more. That's why I love going out around the area because those are the times he can be with me. Last night he was able to do the driving to the event and help with lots of stuff I needed help with so that snow was not a challenge for me. God had it covered! I love that!


You know God always has it covered! Sometimes, we just don't stop long enough to see that whatever we are going through he's got us covered. We're to busy not listening, trying to fix it or just not paying attention to him to see that God is trying to help us.


So, today look for him! When you run across that small problem you think you can solve all by yourself, or you have that huge huddle to take care of today. Look for him! You don't have to fix anything by yourself, you don't always have to have the answer. You just need to stop, pray and wait to see where GOD is going to lead you. Let him take care of you! He's pretty good at it, has lots of experience with it and always has the perfect answer to whatever it is we're going through. He is the one person you can depend on for the rest of your life who will always come through for you.



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