Leah-12smaller.jpgLeah Martensen has a personal secret she wants to share: God is in the business of using us to share his perfect love, despite our own imperfection...." He is calling people to come as they are and contribute to the world the best way they can. And Leah should know she is a successful Christian artist who has performed and toured for the past sixteen years.

Realizing that God is not in the business of calling only the equipped but equipping those he calls, Leah is the first to state that she is not a typical musician. "I'm not looking for fame and stardom, nor am I what 'stardom' is looking for", she says. "I have a simple message and I tell my story: God is using me in spite of what I'm not. I've traveled the world telling this story."

As she prepared to release her fourth album, Leah shifted gears, leaning towards an acoustic style, a different sound to her last release, 'What I'm Not', which was contemporary pop.

Aptly titled, 'Still...' this new album shines its light on Leah's belief that God is still in charge, offering hope, grace and love at a time when many of us are feeling afraid and helpless.

"People all over the world are lost", says Leah. "God's love endures, however - we need to keep praying, keep hoping, dreaming and loving each other, following Christ's example."

Recorded at Paradiso Music in Nashville, TN, 'Still...' features songs that touch on real life issues, with emotional underscores, that Leah hopes her audience will relate to on a personal level. She wanted to send out an album that gave listeners hope for the future and inspiration to become part of the change that will take us there.

"When I perform, I sing with positivity, not perfection," says Leah, who has re-worked a traditional hymn, 'Ten Thousand Angels' into a contemporary version for 'Still...'

"I hope my audience will appreciate the message of my new songs and like me, be the best they can be at what God has called them to do".

Since launching her musical career nearly sixteen years ago, Leah has released four albums with Joyful Sound Records, Where is the Love (2000), Give It To Him (2002), and What I'm Not (2005), which earned a top seven place with the single "Shut up and Pray" on the IggyRock charts earlier this year.

In 2005, Leah co-formed a collective of female Christian artists called 'Christian D.I.V.A.s.' who feature regularly on TSR radio.

Leah's music has been featured on several Podcast programs, including, Build The Church, Mad Money Review, Delta Radio and Delta Podcast.

As Leah has developed her ministry, she has found freedom and opportunities for reaching others. "As a Christian artist, God and I get to call the shots. I have the freedom to go where God leads and I wouldn't want it any other way."

God has led Leah to interesting places. She has ministered at churches, conferences and performed at countless coffeehouses, fairs, festivals and recovery groups across the United States and around the world.

He also directed Leah to minister in South Africa and Asia.

Leah has experienced the adventure of traveling with other musicians and continues to plan a busy tour schedule for 2010.

Leah is busy planning for the Road To Recovery Tours. Traveling through the south and working through the midwest. Also new is a New England tour scheduled for the summer which will be packed with hope and encouragement.  

  "I've been singing all my life and traveling for the last 16 years. I get to do this with other artists or sometimes alone but many times with my husband of 25 years. I love that we can grow together in this ministry. It's a privilege that God would allow us to join with pastors and churches, encouraging their ministries and bringing believers together".


  • Averaging 75 + engagements per year
  • 1st place winner in the I.B.B.F. Vocal Competition
  • Toured Internationally - South Africa, Russia, Finland, Israel, and Canada. 
  • Did backup work with artists like - Larnell Harris, Twilia Paris, Sandi Patti and the Gaithers
  • Performed on the Larnelle Harris Christmas video
  • Performed in the "Young Messiah" and "David, A Man After God's Own Heart"
  • An Affiliate artist with World Vision International
  • Recorded 2 cd's in Nashville under the "Paradiso Record" label
  • Radio play both nationally and internationally
  • Listed in Divine Magazine 2008 as one of 4 artists as a Mover and Shaker in Christian Music  

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